Purpose plastic products:

for construction, chemical industry, agriculture,
and a large assortment of consumer products.

plastic anchors, organizer toolboxes, purpose products for the construction industry

About us

Clips-1 Ltd. is a modern company for production as well as wholesale and retail.
We manufacture purpose products for several industries: construction, pharmaceutical, chemical and agriculture.
Besides, we produce plastic consumer goods. We use modern machines of high quality material for manufacture of all our products which guarantees high quality and reliability of the final product.

Why we are the best
for you

We have such production capacities and organization that provides fast and efficient production of ordered goods.

Satisfied customers

We consider you as the most important.

High quality products

We put under constant supervision the quality of raw materials, production process and technical characteristics of the product.

Respect for deadlines

We always respect what we deal.

Preservation of the environment

We are strongly committed to preserving the environment; all our products can be recycled.

New in our program
Elements for anti hail nets.

Clips-1 produces a large number of elements for anti hail nets that allows their quick and easy set up and maintain. These include: combs with or without hooks, caps for poles, pvc chains, plaques, strings for stalk.

elements for anti hail nets


We present the newest products from our extensive product range.

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Purpose plastic products for the industry

What distinguishes us from many manufacturers of plastic products is the production of purpose goods for different industries. Look at our production program and you will see what we talk about. View our products by type.


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